Presentation Slides

Plenary Sessions

Day 1 – July 14th

Sorrell,Steve – Introduction to the Workshop

Brockway, Paul – Foundations of Exergy 13_07_16_Final
Domingos, Tiago – Exergy and Economics

Kumhoff, Michael – Oil and the world economy

Day 2 – July 15th

Stern, David – Energy and Directed Technical Change
Ayres, Bob – Exergy, economic growth and degrowth

Parallel Sessions

Session 1A: Human development, energy services and needs

Brand, Lina – Human Needs and Energy Services
Heun, Matt_useful exergy in Ghana
Cullen, Jon – Linking useful exergy to Energy and Material services

Session 1B: Visions and policies for the future

Whiting, Kai – Exergy literacy
Bunse, Lukas – macroeconomic impacts of reducing energy demand
Livermore, Sarah – DECC energy modelling
Foxon, Tim – new pathway to prosperity

Session 1C: Energy efficiency and technology

Carmona, Gabriel – exploring exergy intensity of minerals
Gonzalez, Ana – plant level resource efficiency

Guevara, Zeus – Three-level energy decoupling
Henriques, Sofia – Energy productivity in European manufacturing

Session 2A: Probability, uncertainty and estimation in modelling energy and economics

Madlener, Reinhard – Energy Technology Investment Decision-Making
Santos, Joao – Cautionary CES tales for policymaking
Frieling, Julius – CES elasticity of subsitution

Session 2B: National accounting and modelling for energy, materials and economics

Miller, Jack – National exergy accounting
Glynn, James – Hyrbid linking ETSAP-TIAM
Billington, Sophie – E3ME Exergy Economics Conference

Session 2C: Value in thermodynamics and economics

Hammond, Geoff – MoreHeatThanLight
Lindley, Mark – The Useful Concept of Thermodynamic Rarity
Kummel, Reiner – why exergy economics is right


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